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The Metrofetch Business Advantage : 

 * Group Orders  * Errand Services  * Corporate billing:

Group orders allow business managers to provide a quick and easy way for associates to place their lunch orders. 

The office manager selects the time for the order, one or more restaurants, and a list of people that may join the order. Our system takes care of the rest! 

As Metrofetch uniquely offers No Fee and No Minimum deliveries across the best local restaurants, group orders can include any and all Metrofetch menus with all orders individually wrapped and labeled and delivered together on time.

Metrofetch can deliver any size group or catering order in under 90 minutes so your group order can be placed the same day and your order can be edited up to 90 minutes before the scheduled delivery time. Our online restaurant coordination allows us to do what otherwise requires a day in advance ordering.

Our system allows various payment options for Group Orders. Your business may choose to pay for all or part of each order, or you may require that each member pay for his or her own food. Dollar limits may be placed on each person as well. Corporate billing is available to qualified accounts.
Finally, an email invitation is sent to everyone who has been invited. When they click on the link inside the email, they are taken directly to our order screen, where they can place their order. Each member sees only his or her own order. It's just as if they were placing an individual order. The Group invite-or / manager has full monitoring and editing control the entire group order at all times.

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Referrals from these customers are available upon request :
Gunster Yoakley,    Greenberg Traurig,   Akerman Senterfitt LLP,    Holland @ Knight,    Wells Fagro Advisors,    Greenberg Traurig,    PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP,    Morgan Stanley,    UBS,    and many more........     Gunster Yoakley,    Greenberg Traurig,    Holland @ Knight,    Akerman Senterfitt LLP,    Wells Fagro Advisors,    PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP,    Akerman Senterfitt LLP,    Morgan Stanley,    UBS,    Wells Fargo Advisors,     and many more......

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