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Restaurant Owners

Metrofetch provides interactive online access from any browser for restaurants to smartly manage their orders, services and timely information: 
  1. * Delivery Orders via our drivers and or yours
    • with dynamic and interactive order tracking
    • seamless browser communication and logistics across drivers, restaurants and customers
  2. * Pick-up Express orders - with smart verification
    • via QR scan and or Pin #
    • with "ready" text message
  3. * Interactive Reservations and e-Waitlist
  4. * Create and manage your own specials, coupons, and discounts which customers can view, bid and buy online interactively
  5. * "Order Online" button - to manage all of our tools and services noted above via a button on your website. Metrofetch's "Order Online" gadget works much as Opentable's gadgtet but ours adds much more value. With Metrofetch's gadget your customers stay on your website on all browsers.  It is your restaurant and your customers. Our Gadget gives restaurant owners complete control for all ordering aspects and all your customers information - not a third party concern.

All metrofetch services are managed online via our Restaurant Online Order Management (ROOM screens) - seamless online communication between paid customers, delivery drivers, via our mobile browser smart delivery logistics, and your ROOM screen.

Click here to login to your ROOM screen

We provide marketing, sales, online services and tools, and delivery support that will create new customers and added revenues for your restaurant.

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